Objective of drkamalkvgroup can be depicted from the logo (Vasudeva carrying Lord Krishna).
I feel honored, to help Foreign Medical Graduates cross this barrier (FMGE) just as Vasudeva took Lord Krishna across the river

Serving FMGs......WITH PRIDE

Different modes

  • Books (Kaakulmedpub): For FREE distribution to all students joining classes
  • drkamalkv's FMGE/ PrePG/ DNB classes (Only for FMGs; based on DNB, NEET & All india PGMEE): Cheapest & No compulsion of fee payment (pay whatever you can, whenever you can)
  • e-POSTAL course (study matter sent by e-mail daily): No compulsion of fee payment in advance (pay whatever you can, whenever you can)
  • Current trends - NBE (Monthly magazine; based on matter discussed in my classes; for FREE download from website as well as for purchase)

My advice

Important tips

  • All your studies should be time bound, so make a schedule first & try to follow it strictly
  • One reading is not enough. Plan at least 3 cycles (this is what I follow in my classes). Obviously then you have to be a little concise in the end
  • Follow at least 3 titles from the beginning so that revision becomes easier & smoother:
  • Self Assessment & Review of FMGE (FMGE MCQ bank)
  • ODs Club
  • DNB MCQ bank
  • Studies should be supplemented by regular assessment tests, at least weekly (that’s why I put a small class test after every class). Without assessment you can’t judge, whether your studies are fruitful or not. And if there is any fault in your pattern, you can correct it timely
  • Learn from your previous mistakes & make sure that they are not repeated (either in study pattern or in examination hall)
  • Choose what to follow:
  • Read too much, but only once & many times the concepts are not perfect as you don’t have enough time to revise such a bulk of matter
  • Read comparatively less but revise it many times & be perfect with at least that much (my preference)

Thanks to almighty

Here is a list of  some popular 'holy' places which I have visited to extend my heartfelt thanks to LORD for showering on me his/ her blessings:

1. Vaishno Devi - Jammu (Once)
2. Shirdi - Ahmednagar (Once)
3. Dargah shareef - Ajmer (Once)
4. Lord Brahma's temple - Pushkar (Once)
5. Haaji Ali - Mumbai (Once)
6. Trambkeshwar - Nashik (Once)
7. Pashupatinath - Kathmandu (Twice)
8. Golden temple - Amritsar (Once)
9. Saanchi - MP (Once)
10. Baba Gorakhnath's temple - Gorakhpur (Once)
11. Mehandipur Balaji - Rajasthan (Once)
12. Mahakaleshwar - Ujjain (Twice)
13. Dargah - Hazrat Nizamuddin (Twice)
14. Maihar ki Mata - Satna (Twice)
15. Khaatu Shyamji - Rajasthan (Twice)
16. Jata shankar - Pachmarhi (Thrice)
17. Sangam - Allahabad (Once)
18. Har ki Paudhi - Haridwar (Eight times)
19. Neelkanthji - Rishikesh (Twice)
20. Kanwad Yatra - Thrice (Twice from Haridwar & once from Garh Mukteshwar/ Garh Ganga)
21. Sonagiri (Jain) - MP (Once)
22. Govardhanji (Parikrama) - Mathura (Once)
23. Ramlala temple - Orchha (Once)
24. Omkareshwar (Once)
25. Tirumala-Tirupati (Once)
26. Tanot ki mata-Jaisalmer (Once)

My approach

I will try my level best to utilize my knowledge for the betterment of FMG community following the path of truth, honesty & dedication.
Present day data (passing %) may look a little disappointing but I'm sure one day the scenario will change. 

BIG thanks

I would like to thank each & every FMG, for supporting & appreciating my work



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