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Objective of drkamalkvgroup can be depicted from the logo (Vasudeva carrying Lord Krishna).
I feel honored, to help Foreign Medical Graduates cross this barrier (FMGE) just as Vasudeva took Lord Krishna across the river

Request to all

1. Please fill the blank space in OD's club with your personal notes to make it a complete book (its a skeletal framework and you have to put flesh and organs from your side to make it complete)
2.  Its very disappointing (as an author) that students are purchasing xerox of my BOOKS (though I am happy that at least they are following my work and will get some benefit out of that)
3. If possible, please try to follow the path of TRUTH, HONESTY and DEDICATION. I can tell you (from my own experience), it can do miracles.
4. I expect that each of you mail me a minimum of 10 MCQs (with all the 4 options) from the examination (in which u have appeared) so as to carry on my work. 
5. Please don't bring costly gifts for me. I respect your feelings for me but that is not needed. Instead you can bring some food stuff prepared by your mother/ some food-stuff for which your city is famous. Sorry I m a little foodie :-)
6. Please don't post (on this website) any comment on anyone, which hurts one's feeling. We all are working for the betterment of FMG community, so even if u find something wrong/ irritating, please be polite in ur approach. Please don't mind, if I delete any such post.

drkamalkv's INTEGRATED classes

Combined classes for DNB, Pre-PG & FMGE aspirants based on ROAMS, Triple A (Pulse publication), FMGE & DNB MCQ bank

Brotherly advice

Please dont leave any subjects UNTOUCHED for FMGE (easy/ tough/ big/ small).
At least be perfect with the following 6 titles:
i. Self assessment & review of FMGE (2002-2013 Q bank)
ii. OD's Club (3 volumes) OR Basic Notes (compilation of important text from each OD)
iii. Quick Revision Guide -Natboard exams (based on all india & aiims)
iv. drkamalkv's manual on Natboard Examination Emerging Trends/ NEET (based on DNB questions)
v. Preparatory manual - Stepwise approach for Natboard exams (basedon dnb & NEET)
vi. Pocket companion
(MCQ points from FMGE, DNB & All India PGMEE)


My approach

I will try my level best to utilize my knowledge for the betterment of FMG community following the path of truth, honesty & dedication.
Present day data (passing %) may look a little disappointing but I'm sure one day the scenario will change. 

BIG thanks

I would like to thank each & every FMG for supporting & appreciating my work