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2 years of 'honest' existence

December 7, 2013

7th december...

2 years back, on this date, I started my FMGE classes..

It was like, starting a journey alone (for destination) without knowing the path..

The challenges for me at that time were:
1. Single handed management
2. No concept, how to teach all the 20 subjects 
3. Not enough money in the walle…

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Corrections - 4th ed. Self Assessment & review

December 7, 2013

Hello friends,

Its very important that u step in examination hall with the right answer in ur mind. So I have gone through all the queries & finally formulated this list of corrections from the 4th edition.

Hope everyone finds it useful & please circulate it in ur library too :-)

S. no.

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Corrections, Self assessment: 2nd & 3rd ed

December 5, 2013


2nd ED.





Answer is B

Change it to C



Answer is 14 days

Change it to 10 days


Q1, Page 472

Explanation mentions prevalence is really a ratio

 In explanation:

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How to get OD's club: Volume 1, 2 & 3 by post

November 30, 2013

Account: Same as for other tiltes

Basic info: All the previous short subjects OD titles has been clubbed together. The content has been edited and enlarged so as to come at par with the current pattern of FMGE. Enough space has been left for putting up your notes as well PLUS 300 MCQs from FMGE Sep…

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drkamalkv's FMGE classes...Results (Sep 13 FMGE)

October 18, 2013


There was no information about result of many drkamalkvians, so it will be presumed that they didnt pass..For our classes, the final value can be summarized as (as on 01.04.2014): 73 (pass) out of 284 students (e-postal course students are not included in this tally). I would request all …

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how to get Pocket companion by speedpost

September 11, 2013

Quick review MCQ points based on DNB, FMGE & All India PGMEE

Price: 250 INR

Speedpost charges: 125 INR

Account holder: Manju Gupta
Bank: ICICI Bank
Branch: Nehru place, New Delhi-110019
IFSC code: ICIC0006294
Account No.: 629401539484
Account type: Savings


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September 3, 2013

Hello friends,

Its once again exam time & I would look forward to some contribution from your side.

Its very important for me to get the work going. I would try to publish the MCQs within 1-2 months.

Once your exam is over, please post the MCQs (if possible with the 4 options) setwise and don't f…

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August 25, 2013

OD titles are now revised, edited, enlarged and clubbed together in 3 volumes as OD's Club. Presently volume-I (all 9 short subjects; skin, anaesthesia, radiology, psychiatry, orthopaedics, paediatrics, ent, forensic & ophthalmology) is in market..Volume-II will come by the end of december and volum…

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August 25, 2013

Basic info:

This book is a compilation of important text, which is asked in FMGE & DNB over the years.

Most of the matter has been taken from the BIGGER fonts matter of OD.

So those students, who have already bought all the OD titles, need NOT buy this. Also it is NOT a substitue for OD as it l…

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drkamalkv's quick revision guide-2nd edition

August 11, 2013

 title contains matters in 2 sections:

Section A:

i. Solved papers:

Questions in this segment have been increased to 150 (from 100 in last edition). The newly added questions are mostly in ‘ALL EXCEPT’ form, so as to make the student aware about the trick of solving such questions. They may lo…

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August 1, 2013

Corrections based on queries received till 18th March 2013









Ans is A (Renal agenesis)

Ans should be C (Cleft palate)




Ans is C (Anthropoid pelvis)

Ans should be …

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How to get 4th edition, Self Assessment & review of FMGE by speedpost

August 1, 2013

How to get 4th edition by speedpost

Cost: 800 INR
Speed post: 350 INR
Account holder: Manju Gupta
Bank: ICICI Bank
Branch: Nehru place, New Delhi-110019
IFSC code: ICIC0006294
Account No.: 629401539484
Account type: Savings

Once you are done, kindly SMS me your address at 8470004333

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FMGE related study material

July 20, 2013

Hello friends,
Many students wants to post some FMGE related stuff, which can prove useful to all aspirants.
Since it is a screening exams, so please share your study matter and help others in clearing the examination as well
Good luck to all

Books written by drkamalkv

March 24, 2013

1. Review of MCI screening exam ( Published: 4th Sept 2008)
2. Self Assessment & Review of FMGE/ MCI screening examination ( Published: 18th Jan 2011)
3. Anatomy-OD (Published: May 2011)
4. Physiology-OD ( Published: May 2011)
5. Biochemistry-OD ( Published: July 2011)
6. Analyzing FMGE ( Published: 2…

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drkamalkv's pgmee pearls

February 15, 2013


Basic info:
It contains matter from topics of all PGMEEs over the last 25 years. Each statement is based on some MCQ (in simpler words, each MCQ has been put into text style) Ideally meant for students preparing for NEET/ DNB, ths book will be equally helpful for FMGE aspirants, who want to go …

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drkamalkv's FMGE classes

Basic info:
*Primarily MCQs based study
*More focus is on average students
*The approach is to study basic stuff and to revise it again and again so that at least student is perfect with that much (whatever he/she had read)
*Regular assessment by one-liners so that reflexes are developed & to check perfectness of knowledge
*Class duration: 1.30 hours
* Basically 2 courses: 3 days a week (ODs & FMGE) & 6 days a week teaching (DNB, All-India, NEET, ODs & FMGE)

PGMEE/ DNB aspirants can join WITHOUT paying any advance fee. They need to pay from their FIRST STIPEND of post-graduation


STUDY MATTER: 21.04.14